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Me and my cousins are the most unique eco friendly disposable dinnerware you would ever come across. We are crafted on areca leaf sheaths that fall from areca Nut Tree. Each year only 8 such areca sheaths may fall from one areca Tree. Each areca Leaf is the processed with water and heat, one after another. There are no chemicals added.  I am thus born - ready to make your dinner happening! 

I am as light as a leaf but at the same time, as tough as bark! I hold cold & hot with equal grace. Born on the foothills of Western-Ghats of Indian Subcontinent, I travel around the world now. I plate dishes from many cuisines with pride. I am appreciated at parties and loved in picnics. Celebrated Chefs have praised me and used me in their elite resorts & hotels.

When I am done with the dish, some wipe and use it again. Others, put me back in Mommy Nature's Lap, where I become one with her, soon.

Beautiful place this world is!

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